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Branded QR Codes Get More Scans

Design a unique QR Code that proudly represents your business


What is a Branded QR Code?

A Branded QR Code is a custom designed QR Code that may include a logo, custom text, choice frame & own colors.

How much does a Branded QR Code cost?

Unless upgrading to Dynamic QR Code, Branded QR Codes may cost $7 - $11, depending on styling options selected. 

How do I create a Branded QR Code?

To create a Branded QR Code, complete Free QR Code process & click 'DESIGN' when prompted to style your QR Code.

Need design inspiration? See some customer examples to get your creative juices flowing

Customer Design Examples

Emma_Skyner_1_iafkry (1).png
TrackingBanner (2).png

Why Branded QR Codes Work

Reasons why your business needs Branded QR Codes

They Stand Out Better

Creative, unique designs with personality make people notice

They "Wow" Customers

Customers are impressed by businesses who pay attention to detail   


They Promote Your Business

Memorable QR Codes help market your business to attract customers

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