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Update Your URL Without Affecting Printed QR Codes

Send your visitors to any website, anytime


What are Dynamic QR Codes?

Dynamic QR Codes allow you to update the destination URL as often as necessary without changing your existing QR Codes.

Why are Dynamic QR Codes important?

Dynamic QR Codes ensure your scans are always valid, even if any part of your URL changes.

How much do Dynamic QR Codes cost?

Depending on the plan selected, Dynamic QR Codes cost $5 - $8 per month.

Included with all Dynamic plans

  • Upload own logo

  • Add custom text

  • Pick choice frame

  • Use brand colors

Free Branded QR Code

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Included with all Dynamic plans

  • Total Scan Count

  • Scan Date & Time

  • Scan Location

Free QR Code Tracking

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Why Dynamic QR Codes Work

Reasons why your business needs Dynamic QR Codes

Ultimate Flexibility

Update your URL destination whenever 

Marketing Opportunities

Schedule timely campaigns to drive sales  


Confident Customers

Peace of mind your QR Code will always work

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Create Dynamic QR Code

What URL do you want to set up?

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