How QR Codes Can Help Make Your Holidays More Merry

As a business owner, you’ve likely got the busy holiday season on your mind. All the customers, the long hours and best of all, (hopefully) all the sales!

In case hiring more staff isn’t an option for you, QR Codes can help fill in some of the gaps so your business can keep humming along.

Here are some simple additions that’ll be especially helpful to retailers as they welcome holiday shoppers leading up to the big giving day.



QR Code Type

Online Ordering

Popular with restaurants, can be used at other businesses where items are sold

Appointment Setting

Link to an online calendar where your customers can get answers on their own

Frequently Asked Questions

Compile your most common questions so customers can get answers on their own

Product Information

Let customers access important details about the products you're selling

Contact Us

Give your customers a variety of options to get in contact with your business

And of course, we always recommend using our ‘Connect to WiFi’ because it’s such an easy upgrade for your customers and business.

One scan instantly connects to your Network without user input, which means no more “What’s your WiFi?” questions nor potential user errors. Wins all around!

Dynamic QR Codes Bring Joy

There’s no better time to use Dynamic QR Codes for your business than during the busy holiday months. Their powerful and flexible capabilities can help drive sales with marketing campaigns scheduled during the holidays.

Update your URL anytime without affecting your existing QR Codes, perfect for different sales promotions anytime you feel like changing things up.

In the spirit of giving, we have two complimentary gifts for you when you upgrade to a Dynamic QR Code: a Branded QR Code and Scans Tracking. In case you’re not familiar with what these perks are, here’s a quick rundown on both:

A Branded QR Code is a uniquely designed QR Code styled to match your brand. You can add as many or as few of the following features to make your QR Code stand out:

  • Upload own logo

  • Add custom text

  • Pick choice frame

  • Use brand colors

Scans Tracking gives you key details about your visitors:

  • Total scan count

  • Date and time

  • Location

Depending on how your QR Code is displayed, in-house or dispersed on marketing materials, you may find only a few of these key tracking indicators relevant to your business.

For example, if you’re a local business, you may not need to know the city, region and country where your scans come from because you only have your QR Code at one location.

Having access to these extra details could certainly come in handy when you choose to expand your customer reach.

Perhaps 2023 is the year you’ll venture into new areas? If it is, you have the means to measure your performance in those locations. Awesome!

Unexpected Practical Gifts

QR Codes may not make it on many people’s Christmas shopping lists, but they’re massively underrated when it comes to their practicality. What is the actual gift being given through QR Codes? Better experiences. Now who wouldn’t love that?

As you become more familiar with QR Codes, you’ll find that they give the gift of convenience and time. One simple scan instead of manual input means there’s less room for error and makes it extremely easy for users.

We love gifts that we can actually use and we think you may feel the same way. Here are some “gifts” you may give your business this holiday season:

  • Replace Sign-in Sheets with Online Form using ‘Connect to URL’ QR Codes

These are just three easy enhancements for things that currently exist - instant wins that’ll help make interactions with your business that much easier. Trust us, everyone loves convenience.

Bring Fun Into Your Business

The essence of Dynamic QR Codes is its ability to update your QR Code’s URL without affecting existing QR Codes. Basically, one QR Code for life and at any time you choose, you can redirect where your users go online.

That gives you chances to change things up monthly, weekly or even daily if you’d like. How do you bring more fun into the workplace? As long as you have URLs, you can:

  • Show different images (Cute puppies anyone?)

  • Tell different jokes (A dog walks into a bar...)

  • Share current events (This month’s Star Employee…)

These examples alone could easily bring positive vibes to your workplace, increasing engagement and hopefully bring a few laughs.

Employee satisfaction is an important factor that is often overlooked. Dynamic QR Codes can quickly elevate employee happiness, you just have to pick the right format that works best for you and your team.

On the customer side of things, the most effective way to use Dynamic QR Codes are for timely offers or promotions such as:

  • Weekly Sales

  • Monthly Feature

  • Online Flyer

While it sounds like the customer portion sounds less fun, you’re definitely welcome to share similar content with your customers as you would your employees if it’s appropriate to do so.

The holiday season is all about giving and we hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas that you adopt to give better experiences for everyone important to your business.

These simple little fixes go a long way and are reflective of your thoughtfulness and commitment to always raising the bar.

From our family to yours, we hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday season!