This Free QR Code Brings Happiness All Year Round

In a recent blog post, we talked about how Dynamic QR Codes can help bring more fun into your business by sharing engaging content. The best thing about Dynamic QR Codes is how you can update your URL anytime without affecting existing QR Codes.

In essence, you’ll have one QR Code for life and at any time you choose, you can redirect where your users go online.

One of the ideas we mentioned was to show different pictures of cute puppies at a schedule of your choice: daily, weekly or monthly. Since the holiday season is now upon us, we thought we’d give you a gift that’ll keep on going throughout the year.

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  • Increases engagement - whether it’s for your staff, customers, or both, it’s something to look forward to every time they come to your business

  • Helps reduce stress - it’s impossible not to crack a smile when you see how seriously adorable these furry friends are

  • Fosters creativity - exposing the functionality of a Dynamic QR Code to staff could help generate ideas on how to use Dynamic QR Codes to improve your business

While some images feature freelance artists from Unsplash, users do have the option of uploading images of their own puppies.

This’ll help generate buzz and anticipation about when their puppy will be featured so they can share that cuteness with a worldwide audience.

Sharing the gift of happiness - you can’t put a price on that, which is why this Dynamic QR Code is 100% free.

There’s just no greater feeling than bringing a smile to someone’s face, helping brighten their day. Download your Free QR Code now!