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Why Your Business Needs QR Codes - Part One

Welcome to our inaugural post! Over the next few weeks, we'll look at how you can use our QR Codes to make impactful changes that everyone will notice.

Ultimately, QR Codes provide convenience for both your customers and daily business functions. One scan can connect users to virtually anything online - for an innovative business leader like yourself, that likely sounds like a lot of opportunities.

How do we know you’re innovative? Because you’re here thinking of ways to improve your business with QR Codes. That’s just step one. You’ll find different ways to use QR Codes throughout your business that’ll help make everyone’s lives easier.

We also called you a leader - that wasn’t a guess. QR Codes improve customer experiences, help with marketing efforts while streamlining internal processes. Whatever the functionality, you’re driving your business forward with technology - that’s what we call a “boss move”!

Convenience, convenience, convenience

The main reason why QR Codes are used is for ease. You can create a Free QR Code in a few seconds then use it in your business as soon as you download it. Then with one scan, your visitors can do one of the following:

  • Connect to URL - Send to any website

  • Connect to WiFi - Fills network and password details

  • Call Preset Number - Dials telephone number

  • Send Preset SMS - Drafts text message with mobile number

  • Send Preset Email - Drafts email with email address and subject line

  • View Notes Online - Shows saved text

We’re pretty sure your business can immediately benefit from at least three of these QR Code types, skipping ‘Connect to URL’ to make things more interesting:

  • Connect to WiFi - still a fairly new functionality, this one’s easy. Enter in your network credentials without user input - no more “What’s your WiFi?” questions.

  • Send Preset Email - one way for customers to communicate with your business. Presetting both the email address and subject lines ensure accuracy - no typos here.

  • View Notes Online - perfect for sharing small to large amounts of text. Think of this as a replacement for post-it notes or those print outs you may be posting on walls.

Instant improvements on both sides of your business that can be deployed in minutes. Give any or all of these Free QR Codes a try today and we'll see you next week!

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